Who should come to Kowakan?

Everyone! We tailor trips for all ages and levels of experience.
  • Church Youth Groups
  • Men’s Groups
  • Women’s Groups
  • Family Trips
  • Individuals
  • Parent & Children Trips
  • Small Groups
  • Support Groups
  • Church Leadership Teams
Common groups using Camp Kowakan include:
  • Pastors, youth workers, and other volunteer leaders with their church youth grades 8-12 and older seeking a wilderness and/or wilderness-like experience to help their group grow spiritually and develop stronger bonds with each other and God.
  • Intergenerational groups looking for an adventure and great bonding experience in the out-of-doors. Many of these groups stay at KoWaKan, but others stay just for a night or two and then venture into the greater Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness to continue their adventure.
  • Family groups seeking a place either on their own or as part of a church retreat to step back and enjoy the great outdoors and partake in God's beautiful creation.