Kowakan Growing Over Past Year

November 05, 2015

Kowakan is taking steps forward in ministry. This past year we replaced quite a bit of our older (and getting to be outdated) gear. New tents, cook kits, lifejackets, trail saws, & water jugs. For next year we hope to install a solar shower house for guests to use when they return from trail. Also, we are looking to acquire a few more new stoves, kevlar canoes, and also add to our rental supply; sleeping bags and sleeping pads. 


Kowakan saw a growth in guests of over 100 people this summer. There was 3 new churches that took advantage of our camp and 4 groups that returned that had not been here in a few years. Along with our returning faithful groups that keep coming back year after year.    


Josh Jirasek
Koronis Ministries Facilities Manager